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Cutan InstantFOAM Cartridge 1 Litre (Case 6) SC Johnson Professional Code: N03769 Highly effective broad-spectrum alcohol-based hand sanitiser dispensed as a foam.
Milton alternative, is chlorine for multiple uses in killing bacteria. A stable solution of Sodium Hypochlorite which completely destroys all viable micro-organisms including spores · Non-toxic, non-tainting, safe & versatile · Particularly suitable for cleaning and disinfecting baby bottles and teats. It offers protection for babies and homes · Milton equivalent
Hand Sanitising Gel · A clear, colorless, odorless alcohol-based hand sanitizing gel · Evaporates quickly eliminating the need for hand drying · Effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, yeasts & algae (see Specification sheet for full listing) · Contains emollients to leave hands feeling soft · Ideal for use in areas where hygiene is very important i.e. high food-risk operations and hospitals/nursing homes
Thick Bleach · A concentrated highly viscous formulation allows greater contact time with vertical surfaces · Powerful disinfecting and deodorizing properties · Kills 99% of all known germs · May be used to clean toilets, drains, gullies, and general cleaning · Highly effective grease removal · Kills odour-producing bacteria
Fragranced Pine Disinfectant · General purpose pine disinfectant for disinfecting floors, drains, bins, outside toilets, and similar areas · Effective against a wide range of bacteria (see Specification sheet for full listing)
Bleach · A concentrated bleach formulation · Kills 99% of all known germs · May be used to clean toilets, drains, gullies and general cleaning · Leaves room smelling clean and fresh