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Oxivir Plus SmartDose 1x1.4L - Cleaner & disinfectant for non-porous hard surfaces

Diversey Oxivir Plus NC, based on patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peoxide (AHP) technology, is a broad spectrum cleaner and disinfectant for non-porous hard surfaces. The active ingredient in AHP is 100% bio-degradable into water and oxygen, making it safe for people, surfaces and the environment. The patented innovative SmartDose packaging gives additional benefits of safety, portability & accurate dosing. Patented innovative SmartDose™ concept allows you to easily, safely and accurately dose concentrated cleaning products Highly concentrated cleaner and disinfectant in one Broad spectrum efficacy against Bacteria, Viruses (including Coronavirus & Norovirus) & Yeast & Fungi Effective against Vaccinia virus & Coronavirus in 30 seconds in dirty conditions Patented innovative Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) technology Excellent surfactant package for superior cleaning & descaling No in-use hazard warnings, classifications or statements Requires no rinsing (*except for food contact surfaces) Free from odours and harmful toxins Woolsafe Certified Highly concentrated formula gives you excellent Cost in Use per trigger Cleaner and disinfectant in one product hence increasing efficiency and reducing cost & labour Strong surfactant package to ensure excellent cleaning with descaling properties for hard water areas Extensively tested against European Norms (EN) and effective against multiple pathogens of concern including Viruses Bacteria and Yeast in short contact times (Coronavirus, Vaccinia Virus, Norovirus, Influenza, HIV, Salmonella, E-coli, Pseudomonas, MRSA, Candida albacans...) Oxivir Plus products are safe to use, with no in-use hazard warnings, classifications or statements in use and do not contain respiratory irritants to ensure optimum air quality Oxivir Products have an excellent sustainability profile as the active ingredient AHP is 100% bio-degradable and hence no harsh chemical residues are left on the surface Oxivir Plus is Woolsafe Certified and can be safely used on most fabrics (always check a small area first) Safe to use in food contact areas No rinsing required after use (*except for food contact areas)
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