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Suma Star-plus D1 plus 1.5L - Highly concentrated hand dishwashing liquid

Suma Star plus D1 plus is a highly concentrated hand dishwashing liquid for cleaning pots, pans, crockery, glass and all washable utensils. Suma Star plus D1 plus is a highly concentrated neutral liquid detergent suitable for manual cleaning of all kitchen utensils. The formulation is an optimal blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, which cuts through grease and dried-on food and makes rinsing easy and streak free. For dispensing accuracy Suma Star plus D1 plus should be used via the Divermite plus or Diverflow with Surelink dispenser from Diversey. Reduces waste, needs less storage capacity and gives excellent economy in use due to highly concentrated formulation. Cuts through grease and dried-on food. Streak-free, easy rinsing for a superior finish. Stable lather means long lasting efficiency of cleaning solution. Convenient and controlled dispensing, through the Divermite or Diverflow with Surelink system: saves money.
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