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Clax Build 12B1 20L - Booster for fatty soils, medium water hardness

Clax Build is a powerful builder/booster, based on a mixture of alkalis and sequestrants (water hardness binders). It is designed for use in medium to hard water to enhance wash performance and soil removal. Clax Build is a powerful alkali builder/booster, which is based on a balanced blend of alkali, water hardness sequestering agent and anti-greying agents. The sequestrant system ensures low water hardness ion concentration and consequently prevents precipitation of detergent components. In this way this building system also functions as anti-greying agent by preventing formation and deposition of water hardness salts onto fabric. Clax Build is most commonly applied in conjunction with a stain removing booster. These products combined with bleach offer a powerful system, which may be used for cleaning fabric from hospitals and other healthcare establishments. When combined with a mainwash detergent, Clax Build enhances the wash performance on heavily soiled goods by increasing the pH of the wash solution. Improves soil removal, especially of food and fat stains, when used in combination with a surfactant booster or main wash detergent. Prevents greying of linen by stabilizing soil particles in the wash liquor. Improves wash performance by affecting the soil-fibre interaction (swelling).
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